Construction and fit out

Time, quality, and materials. These are the major player in a construction project. We create a unique and creative design inspired by our client’s vision and needs.

Event Production

We provide comprehensive consultation and support for all types of events, offering each client a completely customized service, tailored to his needs. Our event producer puts his professionalism at the service of events, such as identifying the message to be conveyed, the concept and the image to focus on, and planning the logistics and technical aspects: budget, locations, vendors, equipment, and any other possible additional service.

Exhibitions Solutions

Structuring and executing your exhibition from an idea to reality your vision, preparing all operational and technical details.

Digital Printing

With our designer and engineering team, we achieve you with professional production experience, using professional programs to turn your ideas into profit returns, and we provide digital printing service with the best devices.

Display Stands

We care to create all the tools and necessary equipment to deliver the best products that will outstand our client’s vision, we have a specialized team that will work hand in hand to always give the best results using high-quality materials.

Media Campaign

Providing a qualified Media campaign can make a huge impact on a project, therefore, we know in Invent the importance of executing a major success, and dominant Media campaign starting from an idea to a reality tailored to our client’s need.

Premium Extras

In addition to all mentioned services, INVENT offers a variety of extra services upon our client’s request we will help you create the finest version of your work by offering giveaways,  documentation, and more.