Values in action :
Invent an implementing ambitious to expansion strategy, but we do not believe in growth at any cost. because we Involved for everyone’s in fears about the future of our communities and the environment. Joining Invent makes you part of an organization that takes its social, ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously.

Shared values :
As for our absolute commitment to the principles of integrity, the values we have in common, such as: motivation, participation, and creativity, and achievement is part of the culture of working in a company Invent. It is expected that each and every one of us to achieve these values on the ground and in the work, to communicate with colleagues in Invent.

Ethical concerns :
The Invent is an a pioneers of wire industries in Saudi Arabia ,and enjoys close relations with customers, suppliers and all other sectors collaborating with them .. This success has been achieved as a result of our focus on three core elements: actors, the best research and technology programs, and the adoption of an ambitious strategy for growth on the global map. Realize Invent that moral obligations are no less important for its economic ambitions, and is committed to applying the best procedures and methods in all its offices around the world.

Green focus :
We have to invest of our human wealth and resources natural , because they’s assets for Invent and take care of environmental safety and health, we have developed goals and work hard to overcome. Extend our environmental efforts to include all of our customers and our stakeholders. For example, we are committed to helping our customers to develop products capable of providing energy, water and other precious resources to reduce harmful emissions.